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Hello Key Club faculty advisors!

I hope you are doing well and had a great summer. My name is Andrew Watson, and I am the 2019-2020 Southwest District Kiwanis Family Relations Chair. I am writing to invite you to participate in a program we are introducing this year called "The Advisor Pen Pal" program.

This program is designed to pair veteran advisors with newer advisors or just match-up two advisors who would like a partner or sounding board throughout the year. After filling out the Google form (below), you will be matched with another advisor. The two of you will be sent monthly discussion prompts and you're free to communicate as you see fit at other times. We hope this program will give veteran advisors a chance to share their strengths and help newer advisors become more informed about Kiwanis and Key Club.


If you elect to participate, please fill out this google form before the end of the month: All advisors, but especially newer ones (less than two years experience) are encouraged to participate.


If you have any questions or comments about this program, please feel free to email me! 


Yours in service,

Andrew Watson

Kiwanis Family Relations Chair

Southwest District Key Club

Key Club International

(505) 695 0056

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