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Olivia Kurschat

District Governor

South Mountain Division

Marcos de Niza High School

Class of 2018


What’s sizzlin’ Southwest? My name is Olivia Kurschat and I am so blessed to call myself your 2017-2018 District Governor. I was born and raised in Tempe, AZ, which is also home to my Padre Pride High School, Marcos de Niza!  During my Senior year I hope to make Southwest CARE through Communication, Action, Reach, and Engagement! I hope to establish readily available resources for club officers, via the website. A Southwest Directory, so you know the 411 with our K-Family Counterparts, and a fun helpful stance on social media to increase member communication with the District! I am beyond excited to share this experience with you, and I hope you all find your love for service and your passion to lead! Let’s get to spicin’ Southwest, and show them who’s South best!


Emily Woo Kee

District Secretary-Treasurer

Rio Grande Division

Coronado High School

Class of 2018


Hello, my name is Emily Woo Kee and this year I will be serving the Southwest District, and it's respective divisions, as the Secretary Treasurer. Last year I dedicated myself as the Rio Grand Division's Lt. Governor and I learned an incredible amount about leadership, perseverance, and friendship. As Sec/Treas I obviously have requirements that must be fulfilled, but separate from those I wish to make the Lt. Governor's job, as well as our Governor's, less stressful by keeping communication open within divisions, clubs, and members. As a junior I know that my high school experience will be coming to an end soon and one of my biggest regrets is not joining Key Club sooner. But I am well aware that my term will be extremely successful considering the people that are on the board. Yes, everyone has the same goal: to serve their communities successfully, but this year I hope that one common goal is being inspired by the leaders around them.


Jennifer Harned

District Bulletin Editor

Sandia Mountain Division

La Cueva High School

Class of 2019

Hey Spicy Southwest!  I am so excited to be serving as the 2017-2018 Southwest District Bulletin Editor!  I've been serving in Builder's Club and Key Club for 5 years, I lettered in my home club last year, and I served as the 2016-2017 Lt. Governor of the Sandia Mountain Division.  I love art (film, painting, drawing, ceramics, you name it), traveling, listening to music, and playing card games.  This year I hope to not only publish three issues of the Key to the Southwest, but also keep the website updated and looking fresh and keep the social media active.  I look forward to this year and please email me with any questions!  


Alexandra Chaparro

District Convention Chair

Papago Division

Vista Grande High School

Class of 2018

Hi there! My name is Alexandra Chaparro and I have the ultimate pleasure of serving as the 2018 DCON Committee chair. My past extracurriculars, which include StuCo and Youth Commission have prepared me to take on the role as lead Convention coordinator. I plan on creating an easy to navigate registration process, implementing a one-of-a-kind theme, and maximizing the amount of time key clubbers spend learning and implementing the skill of giving. To this day I can clearly recall the impact my first DCON had on my role as a leader and community server. I will work my fingers to the bone to ensure that every Key Club participant has the opportunity to experience that same feeling. The stories, friends, and lessons from DCON 2018 will be absolutely unforgettable!


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