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 Virtual DCON Competition Awards

Achievement Report

BRONZE (35 or fewer members):
1st  West Las Vegas HS(Distinguished)
2nd  North HS
3rd  Cibola HS

Single Service Award

BRONZE (35 or fewer members):
1st  Gallup HS- Art Crawl
2nd  West Las Vegas HS- Recycling

3rd North HS-Mustang Goodies

SILVER (36-60):
1st Apollo HS (Distinguished)
2nd Los Alamos HS

SILVER (36-60):
1st Los Alamos HS- Breakfast with Santa

Gold (61-85)

1st  Lake Havasu HS
2nd  Rio Rancho HS
3rd  Paradise Honors

Gold (61-85)

1st  Lake Havasu HS- Winter Formal 

2nd Paradise Honors- Operation Clean-Up

Platinum (86+)

1st  Tempe HS (Distinguished) 

2nd  Willow Canyon HS
3rd  La Cueva HS

Platinum (86+)

1st  Tempe HS- Socks for Legs

2nd  Willow Canyon HS- Packages from Home

Club Video

1st Cibola High School

2nd Lake Havasu High School

3rd Los Alamos High School

View 1st place club video 

Scrapbook (Traditional)

1st Apollo High School

2nd Willow Canyon High School

Scrapbook (Non-Traditional)

1st Pinnacle High School


1st Syeda Akter

2nd Jewels Bahe

Poster (Digital)

1st Lake Havasu High School

2nd Rio Rancho High School

3rd Pinnacle High School

Poster (Non-Digital)

1st Cibola High School

2nd Tempe High School

2019-2020 Major Emphasis Program

1st Tempe High School

2nd Gallup High School

3rd Lake Havasu High School

K-Family Award

1st Cibola High School

Runner-Up: La Cueva High School

Outstanding Faculty Advisor

Melvin Otten

Outstanding Kiwanis Advisor

Debbie Edmondson


Non-Traditional Scrapbook Winner.

CIbola_Nondigital Poster Contest_screens

Non-Digital Poster Winner.

Lake Havasu_Digital Poster_Winner.jpg

Digital Poster Winner.

Screenshot (29).png
Screenshot (33).png

Major Emphasis Program Winner.


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