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Join House of Delegates here:

You can also dial in using your phone.

United States: +1 (646) 749-3122

Access Code: 955-614-389

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Welcome to the House of Delegates webpage! 


The 65th House of Delegates will be held on GoToMeeting this year. The meeting will be hosted on April 4th at 3pm Arizona/4pm New Mexico & Texas. Everyone (all Southwest District Key Clubbers, Advisors, and Kiwanians) are welcomed to attend the meeting.


Please take the time to read the following information:


  1. Everyone is invited to attend, but only official Delegates may only ask questions and vote;

  2. If your Club registered Delegates when it registered for DCON, no further action is needed;

  3. If your Club did not register for DCON or did not list Delegates in its registration, the Club President or Secretary should email with the names of the Club’s two Delegates;

  4. Delegates are strongly encouraged to participate by computer/tablet, rather than the phone-in option;

  5. Upon entering, all participants should edit their names to the following formats - For Delegates: D_[First Name] [Last Name]_[School], and all Non-Delegates: [First Name] [Last Name]_[School]. Instructions for how to edit names will be on the House of Delegates’ welcome screen;

  6. To ask a question of a candidate, Delegates shall type their name in the GoToMeeting Chat feature and wait to be asked to unmute. The Moderator can accept or reject a delegate’s request for recognition. 

  7. Participants must remain muted unless recognized and told to unmute by the Moderator. The Moderator may mute participants if they fail mute themselves. 

  8. Any participants who fail to follow the instructions of the Moderator are subject to removal.

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