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Here's What's Going On!


Workshops, Workshops, Workshops

VCON will have over 15 educational workshops. Whether you choose to participate by watching Workshops On-Demand or live sessions, VCON will be packed full of ideas for improving your clubs, supporting your SLPs, and club officer training!


District Awards and Recognitions

Convention is a time to reflect on those Kiwanians who make extra efforts for the success of our District.


District Business

Friday, July 31st is dedicated to District committee and business meetings, including the State of the Foundation annual meeting. Most Friday meetings are open to all Kiwanians, so plan to stop in and watch yoiur Board and committees in action.


K-Family Lunch - B.Y.O. Lunch

Order in a pizza, and join us for a general session focused on our Service Leadership Programs. From K-Kids to Aktion Club, our partners are doing amazing things and growing our future leaders. Come and meet them all!


Q&A Sessions

Two live Q&A sessions will be hosted on Saturday afternoon to provide Kiwanians an opportunity to ask questions to two panels of "experts". There will be an SLP Q&A focused on SLP chartering and sponsoring, and an Alphabet Soup Q&A of District leaders to answer all your non-SLP questions.


Meet the District Boards

The Southwest District is lucky to have dedicated, hard-working Kiwanians serving on the District Board. Tune into Closing Session to meet the current and incoming District Boards.


Please email

VCON will take place over a number of online (aka computer based) platforms: this VCON website, Facebook, Zoom, and a webinar format. Although most of these platforms can be accessed on a smartphone or tablet, but for maximum functionality we encourage all participants to enjoy VCON on a computer or laptop.

How will you access this online content? It's easy! See below:

  • All VCON content will be accessed through links shared on this VCON Website. This site has been designed, so (once links are activated) you will simply click your mouse on the placecard of the workshop or session you want to attend, and it will take your computer the the proper platform. (Most links will not be active until July 30th) 


  • Even if you are not a Facebook user, you can still follow the VCON social media action by visiting: Visit frequently throughout VCON weekend!


  • Friday's meetings will be hosted on Zoom. If you are new to Zoom, we suggest you download the app prior to VCON. You can do that by visiting: and clicking on the blue button that says "Download" under "Zoom Client for Meetings".


On Friday, July 31st, all Kiwanians are invited to listen-in on the District committee and business meetings and participate in the Southwest District Foundation - State of the Foundation annual meeting. These meetings will be conducted via Zoom, and you can find the list of meetings and their links by clicking HERE. (Please note although the list of meetings will be present, the links will not be active until June 30th.)

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