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Schedule & Workshops

Ghost Pepper (haha).jpg
Ghost Pepper (haha).jpg

DCON 2021 Schedule


Workshop List

Conflict Management: Conflicts are bound to happen. Don’t let it get in the way of a great Key Club career, learn how to manage and de-escalate conflicts.

Presented by Petroglyph Lt. G Zander / Papago Lt. G Ronnie


Design: Want to learn how to develop a touch for design? Learn how to refine your newsletters, posters, flyers, and more with this workshop!

Presented by San Pedro Lt. G Jenny Ou / District Bulletin Editor Noah Qiu


Fundraising: In this workshop, our presenters will discuss some aspects of fundraising, as well as effective methods of doing so.

Presented by DCON Chair Brynn Kramer / Mogollon Rim Lt. G Maya Calugaru


Mystery Solving: There has been a crime at the scene of DCON 2021! Use some teamwork to find out the perpetrator and killer of Antonia the Chili Pepper.

Presented by Sandia Mtn. Lt. G Sumi Shrestha / Estrella Lt. G Layla Nguyen


Networking: Find out how to properly connect with clubbers, advisors, and officers. Network your way around and develop lasting relationships.

Presented by Lookout Mtn. Lt. G Kameron Cochrane / McDowell Mtn. Lt. G Fiona Thompson


Officer Roundtable: Join Gov. Eric for an open discussion between current, new and future officers on best practices. Share (or learn) ideas on projects and overcoming challenges.

Presented by Governor Eric Sommala


Public Speaking & Parli Pro: And the motion carries! Learn all about Parliamentary Procedure, and refine your public speaking skills.

Presented by Sec-Treas Nuriah Perea / Sangre de Cristo Lt. G Christina Nisoli


Running for Office: Want to know about serving as an Officer? Learn how to improve your leadership skills by serving as an Officer at the Club or District level.

Presented by South Mtn. Lt. G Chris Cruz / Catalina Lt. G Hanna Hartzell


Social Media & Branding: Want to increase member engagement and retention on social media? Learn the tips and tricks to connect with clubbers.

Presented by Black Canyon Lt. G Ailin Sandoval / DCON Chair Brynn Kramer


Stress & Time Management: Ever feel like pulling your hair out? Learn how to keep stress at a low and make the most of your time with this workshop.

Presented by Superstitions Lt. G Shadyn Russo / Copper Lt. G Trinity Letuli

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