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Advisor Support Forum

Welcome Faculty and Kiwanis Advisors and sponsoring Kiwanis Clubs! This Advisor Support Forum is an area for the District to share advisor-specific resources and answer Frequently Asked Questions.

Getting in the System:

The most important step for a new Key Club Advisor is getting in the Key Club International database.

New Faculty Advisors should click HERE to send a notification email to District Administrator, Karin Church.

New Kiwanis Advisors should contact their Kiwanis Club Secretary to have them designated as the Kiwanis Advisor. See HERE for instructions.

Did you accidentally (or purposely) unsubscribe from Kiwanis/Key Club International emails and are no longer receiving emails? Get back in the know by visiting

Resources for New Advisors:

 New Advisor (or looking for a refresher)? Below are some resources to help you:
•    Key Club Advisor’s Guide

•    SWD Membership Growth & Retention Booklet
•    Sample Meeting Kits

•    Southwest District Facebook Page   
•    Southwest District YouTube    
Southwest District Instagram

Where to Go for Help:

As a Key Club Faculty or Kiwanis Advisor or as an officer of a Kiwanis Club who sponsors a Key Club, you are not alone! We have a support network to help you!

Your first point of contact should be the student serving as your Division's Lt. Governor. Click HERE to see who that is and how to contract them.

Often there are issues beyond a student's ability or authority. In those cases, please contact your Zone Administrator. Zone Administrators can be found HERE.

If you are more comfortable or are not able to contact your Lt. Governor or Zone Administration, please click HERE to email your District Administrator.

New Advisor Webinar 10/23

Dues Webinar 11/23

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