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Key Club Chartering & Reactivation Resources

Whether you are looking to bring a new Key Club to your campus/community or wanting to bring back a Key Club that has gone dormant over the past couple of years, this page contains information and links to help you build a Key Club!

The Process:

The steps for chartering a new Key Club and reactivating an inactive one, are very similar:

  1. Get the support of the school administration. 

  2. Enlist a Faculty Advisor to support the Key Club.

  3. Recruit members.

  4. File appropriate paperwork.

  5. Pay fee and, in the case of Reactivation, member dues.

Resources to help introduce faculty to Key Club and the role of the Advisor can be found below:


Reactivation is the process of refreshing a Key Club that has been dormant for one or two years. (Because of Covid, this period of "Inactive" status may have been extended beyond 2-years for some clubs).


Reactivating a Key Club is easier and less expensive than rechartering, so it is a great option for campuses/communities who want a Key Club, but lost their Club due to the retirement of an advisor, lack of student interest, or other challenges. 

Clubs only remain on "Inactive" status for a short period of time before their charter is revoked, so check with your Lt. Governor or Zone Administrator to make sure your school/community is eligible for a reactivation and act quickly!

The reactivation fee for the 2023-2024 school year is $23.

Pet Reactivation.PNG
Charting a New Key Club:

Thank you for your interest in bringing the oldest and largest high school service organization to your campus or community! Key Club not only makes communities changes lives! Key Club develops young leaders at the Club, District and International levels. 

The strongest Key Clubs are built upon the partnership between (1) a school or other facility, (2) a Kiwanis Club, and (3) interested students. The initial interest in forming the club might come from any one of these stakeholders.

  • A Kiwanis Club and interested students can form a "community" based Key Club outside of a school setting, but it does come with some challenges. Click HERE to email the Southwest District Administrator to learn more about community based clubs.

  • If you have students and a school (or other facility) interested in forming a Key Club and need assistance finding a Kiwanis Club to sponsor, please click HERE to email the Southwest District Administrator. 


Once all stakeholders are lined-up the preferred method of chartering is online. Links and resources to the online chartering process can be found below. Start with the "How to Start a Key Club: Step-by-Step online guide!

Starting a Key Club is a Six Step process:

  • Step 1 - Determine if a sponsor is available

  • Step 2 - Find an advisor

  • Step 3 - Recruit your members

  • Step 4 - Set aside funds

  • Step 5 - Complete the chartering form or reactivation process

  • Step 6 - Hold a chartering ceremony and celebrate!


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