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Per member dues are a minimum of $12.00. This $12 is divided between International dues ($7.00) and District dues ($5.00). Both International and District dues are submitted to Key Club International.

Clubs may also assess dues and fees to its members. Such dues and fees are determined by each Club. The Club-level dues charged cannot exceed the amount of International dues, but there are no limits on fees.

Important Dates:


November 1st: Clubs wishing to receive the Early Bird Patch and recognition must roster and submit dues for a minimum of 15 members, and the dues payment must be received by Key Club International no later than November 1st. (Additional members may be added to the roster after this initial payment, just remember to make the additional dues payment to KCI!)

December 1st: Dues are due to Key Club International on December 1st! The payment of dues is a three-step process:

  • Complete Roster (in Membership Update Center ("MUC")),

  • Generate Invoice (in MUC), and

  • Follow-up with your bookstore or accounts payable department until you see the payment was shipped to KCI

February 1st: Clubs that have not submitted dues by February 1st will have their charter suspended until the dues are paid. Suspension means:

  • Club members cannot attend District or International conventions,

  • Club members cannot apply for Key Club-only scholarships or report membership in resumes, and

  • Club members cannot run for District or International office.

Suspension will be lifted upon payment of dues.


Membership Update Center: The main resource for payment of International/District dues is the Membership Update Center (aka "the MUC"). The MUC can be access by Club Advisors and Secretaries (as well as Presidents, if they request access). You must be listed as one of these position in the MUC to have access, so new Advisors and officers will need to be added to the MUC before they can access. Additionally, access is accomplished with the email on file in the MUC, so if no email address is on file, it will need to be added before and Advisor/officer can log-in. You can access the MUC sign-in HERE.

Video on Using the MUC: Not sure how to use the MUC? Below is a short video on adding and deleting members to the roster and generating a due invoice.

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