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DCON 2023


We are pleased to be able to offer a limited number of $75 needs-based scholarships to help Key Club members attend DCON 2023.

APPLICATION: Those interested shall complete the digital application. Alternatively,those interested may complete this paperwork and scan it once it’s completed, thenupload it to our file transfer program.

ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible for a need-based scholarship:
● You must be in good standing with Key Club International.
● You must be a dues-paid member of Key Club International.
● You must not be an officer of the Southwest District Board or an officer of the Key Club International Board.

Awarded recipients will have their scholarship applied as a credit to their 2023 District Convention registration. To have this credit applied, awarded recipients must notify the Southwest District Convention Help Desk via email ( no later than March 8, 2022 using the subject line “Scholarship Requisition - DCON 2023.” Once you file your scholarship requisition, then the Southwest District Convention
Help Desk will forward additional information to your club Faculty Advisor and Kiwanis Advisor.


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Step 2

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