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DCON: District Education & Leadership Conference
Agenda Preview - here
Individual Registration Sheet -
Group Registration Form - here
Guest Registration - here
Current District Officer Registration Form - here
Medical Form - here
Delegates Form - here
Caucus Rules - here
Sample Caucus Questions - here
Code of Conduct - here 
Adult Code of Conduct - here
Adult Responsibilities - here
Guidelines for Adults - here
Sergeant at Arms - here
Chaperon Letter - here
Photography Permission - here
DCON Ad Form - here
Dress Code - here
Workshop List - here
DCON Invite Letter - here

Running for District Office?
Running for District Office Information - here
Officer Candidate Regulations - here
Candidate Info Form - here
Governor Candidate Agreement Form - here
Secretary/Treasurer Candidate Agreement Form - here
Bulletin Editor Candidate Agreement Form - here
LtG Candidate Agreement Form - here
International Endorsement Form - here
Officer Certification Form - here

Club Officers
All forms for club officers including secretary and treasurer reports are under the "Resources" page.
Don't forget to fill out and submit them to your LTGs.
Email the webmaster if you are having trouble finding anything.

Lieutenant Governors
Don't forget to fill out and submit your LTG Monthly Reports.
The form is easily accessible under the "For the Board" page.
Email the webmaster if you don't have the passcode.

Key to the Southwest
Take a minute to stay updated!
Download the official SWD Publications
Issue 1 here 
Issue 2 here
Issue 3 here

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Membership Dues
Total dues per member: $11.00 ($6.50 goes to international, $4.50 goes to district)
Steps for submitting membership dues:

1) go to
2)Click "Register/Reset Password".
    - follow this step even if you have paid dues in past years
3) Enter advisor's email.
    - Expect a confirmation email with a unique hyperlink which will allow him/her to enter a password they would like for the membership center.
4) In the case the email is rejected, email with a request to use your faculty's email.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact Membership Services at 1-800-549-2647.

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