District Admin Team

District Admin Team

The Southwest District is lucky to have a team of dedicated Kiwanians who volunteer their time to work with the District Board and our Key Clubs. They mentor, they chaperon, they play taxi driver, and they make sure there is continuity to Southwest District Key Club. If you’re interested in joining this great team, please email Karin.

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Karin Church

District Administrator

Email: Karin@KarinChurch.com

     Howdy Southwest! I am so excited to be heading into my 3rd service year as your Key Club Southwest District Administrator. I am a proud member of the Kiwanis Club of Los Alamos (NM). It was in Los Alamos as a sophomore in 1984 at Los Alamos High School where I first joined Key Club. My senior year I had the honor of serving as a Key Club Lt. Governor on the Key Club District Board that I am now charged with supporting. It has been a terrific circle, and I am so proud to serve alongside these amazing young people! In addition to my work as your District Administrator, I have served as a Key Club Advisor, Kiwanis Club Secretary, Club President, and Distinguished Lt. Governor. I am also honored to serve as a Director on the Kiwanis Youth Programs International Board.

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Stephanie Whittecar

Assistant District Administrator 

Email: swhittecar186@gmail.com

     Greetings Spicy Southwest Comrades!!! I'm Stephanie Whittecar, your current Assistant District Administrator, ICON Admin, and usually Sergeant at Arms! I have been involved in Kiwanis since I was...oh...about 4! I'm a third-generation Kiwanian with my grandfather proudly serving as the SWD Governor for Kiwanis in 2000 and my mother serving as Lt. Governor that same year! I have been involved in Key Club since I was in high school and have been in Kiwanis since I graduated. I moved back to Arizona in 2015 after life took me in many different directions, and I am so happy to be back home where I belong!! I have been serving on the Administrative Team since I moved back and I couldn't imagine it any other way! When Karin asked me to be her assistant 2 years ago, I had no other answer than YES!!! I am the current president for my Kiwanis Club in Lake Havasu City and plan to serve again as president before taking the office of Lt. Governor for Division 15 in 2022-23. I hope to make my home, school, and community proud and help shape the amazing District Board in every single way I can! 

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Don Townsend

Arizona Administrator

Email: don.townsend4@gmail.com


     HOOAH (my favorite Army term) mighty and spicy Southwest District Key Clubbers!!  It has been my pleasure serving on the SWD Key Club Admin Team for seven years.  I am looking forward to another exciting and rewarding year.  I am a proud member of the Kiwanis Club of Sierra Vista.  I am starting my 15th year as a Kiwanis Advisor for the Buena High School Key Club.  I truly enjoy working with young people, but my greatest joy is watching them grow into outstanding young servant leaders. Being a member of SWD Key Club Admin Team has given me the opportunity to serve with the finest young leaders in the SWD.  As a 22-year Kiwanian, I have held every Kiwanis Club position.  It has been my honor to serve as the Governor of the SWD Kiwanis, including being a Distinguished Lt. Governor of Division 8. 


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Krystal Claudio

Arizona Administrator

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Kathi Tran

Arizona Administrator


Email: kathitran@gmail.com


     Howdy, Southwest! My name is Kathi Tran and I was born in San Jose, CA but I currently reside in Mesa, AZ. I am the middle of five children. I currently work for State Farm Insurance as an Auto Underwriter. I love sports, especially Oakland Athletics, San Jose Barracudas, and the San Jose Sharks. I joined Kiwanis in January 2004 but I have been a part of the Kiwanis Family since High School as a former Key Club member. I am currently a member of the Kiwanis Club of San Jose, Gemstone, and Special Games. I have also been involved with Kiwanis Key Leader since the start of La Honda camp in 2008. I have served in every committee role but I am best known for Registration.


Jack Erickson

Arizona Administrator


Jeff Rowe

New Mexico Administrator

Email: p.jeffrowe@gmail.com

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Betsy Hemphill

New Mexico Administrator

Email: emhemphill@gmail.com

     Hello Southwest! I am the Zone Administrator for Northern New Mexico and am proud to serve the Sangre de Cristo and Petroglyph Divisions!  I joined the Los Alamos Key Club in high school, and continued my service in the K-Family as the membership chair and then President of Circle K at Washington University in St. Louis!  My family moved back to Los Alamos, NM in 2019, and I immediately joined the Kiwanis Club of Los Alamos. I have joined almost every committee, serve on the Board of Directors, and am co-advisor for the Los Alamos High School Key Club. I am excited to get more involved with Key Club at the District Level.  My background is in School Psychology and I enjoy working with students from diverse backgrounds with varying levels of academic and behavioral achievements and challenges.  I am passionate about service and helping every child reach their maximum potential!

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El Paso Administrator


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Jerry Waling

Contests & Awards Admin

Email: gowaling2@q.com

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Melvin Otten

ICON Admin

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Ginger Balboni