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Our Goal

Our goal is to have every Key Clubber in the Southwest District raise enough money to provide one person with clean water for life.

The Cost

It only costs $25 to give a person clean water for life. If the entire Southwest District comes together, we can give clean water to over 4000 people.

Our Partners

This year we will be partnering with the Eastern Canada District to raise money for our Key Club International partner, the Thirst Project. The Thirst Project is a nonprofit dedicated to ending the global water crisis. They work with students from across the world to raise money for water projects that provide clean drinking water to entire communities. The majority of their work is done in rural Eswatini, a small nation located in southern Africa.

Where Does the Money Go?

All the money donated goes directly towards building freshwater wells in the Kindom of Eswatini. These wells are built in rural villages where the nearest water source is often miles away. It costs $12,000 to construct a freshwater well that will provide on average 500 people with clean water for life. These wells are the lifeblood that allows communities to prosper. Your $25 donation is the first step to funding one of these wells!


Progress Tracker

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