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The District Board has three total committees that consist of the board members and Key Clubbers. Each committee has it's own purpose to collectively make the Southwest District a better system!


District Events

The District Events Committee is so excited to be serving all of you, the Southwest District, this year! We are responsible for planning and executing any and all district wide events including the big District Convention, or DCON at the end of the work year, as well as anything else we see fit for our district, or anything you would like to see. For any questions, suggestions, or just to talk, you can reach the Committee Chair, Brandon Strange, or the Assistant Chair, Rowan Hillegeist to help answer any questions and hear out your thoughts. We’re looking forward to serving you and seeing all of you throughout the year, thank you!

Meet The Team


Milagros Quinlan


Membership &

, Our Committee is focused on improving the individual club membership growth throughout the Southwest District by providing proper resources and materials to support them through that process. We will also focus on keeping members engaged with clubs, as member retention has been a looming issue for years and we hope to solve that problem. And, as the name implies, our committee will share many different service opportunities that clubs can take advantage of and would be one of the many ways to keep members engaged within the club and within their communities. Our committee consists of Japen Patel as Committee Chair, Asha Obsiye as Assistant Chair, and the Committee Members: Luke Gibson, Esteban Hinojos, and Gianni Avendano. Something special about our committee is that we are accepting applications from regular Key Club members to join our committee, and will have the opportunity to work alongside us in improving our Southwest District. Applications for such will be available to all when school begins in August.



As a committee we plan to create a list of resources for clubs to use for promotion, such as through club rushes or engaging new members. We will further enhance and administer monthly service projects for key clubbers. The committee will host and promote K-Komp, a service competition for Key Clubs , and new for this year will be Membership Month, a month dedicated to member recruitment. We’re also planning competitions regarding member percentage growth, and highlighting the promotion of diversity in our membership. Our committee has a lot in store to help boost our Southwest District to be the best!

Meet The Team


Aguiera Sergio Adrian


K Family International Partners and Programs

What K-Family and International Partners & Programs do is help the Lt. Governors introduce themselves to their Kiwanis counterparts and build relationships with them. We do presentations on our KCI Partners and Programs. We make webinars that are for the Key Clubbers to present to the Kiwanians. We develop the contests and awards for the GLC recipients and the projects that are focused on KCI partners or charities. Then we set up rotations to make sure that the Key Club Board is always represented at SWD. We also assist with finding a good governors project.

Meet The Team


Nick Thomas

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