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What's on the Ballot at House of Delegate

Every year at District Convention we host a House of Delegates where the business of the Southwest Key Club District is handled. In 2024 the House of Delegates will be held at 3:15pm in Galleria Ballroom C. 


Each club is entitled to two delegates who will vote on behalf of their club. Delegates and two alternates will be named on a Certificate of Election Form that your Club will bring to Convention. Delegates will turn in their Certificate of Election Form at the Delegate Credentialing table during check-in on Friday, April 5th.

On the ballot in the 2024 House of Delegates will be:

  • The Election of the Southwest District Bulletin Editor,

  • The Election of the Southwest District Secretary/Treasurer,

  • The Election of the Southwest District Governor,

  • The Possible Endorsement of Candidates for International Office, and

  • A Bylaw Amendment (see below for details)


Table of Contents_2024_001.png

Every year the Southwest District is fortunate to have dedicated Key Clubbers step up to seek higher office as Lt. Governors, District Bulletin Editor, District Secretary/Treasurer, and District Governor. We also has students seeking to serve Key Club at the International level.

Learn about this year's candidates in the DCON 2024 Candidates Booklet by clicking HERE.

Bylaw Amendment

The bylaws related to SWD Key Club operations and the Board of Trustees remain unchanged, but
SWD Key Club operations are wrapped under new corporate structure.


The new corporation with 501c3 treatment will hopefully open new opportunities for fundraising for the support of both SWD Key Club operations and District Convention.

Click Image to Review Amendment
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