DCON 2022

We are so excited to have you join us for District Convention 2022! Our theme is Wild West, taking place on April 1-3, 2022 at the Sheraton Phoenix Crescent hotel in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona!

Right now we are only taking registrations for IN PERSON attendance.

·         Costs:

o    Quad (4) Occupancy        - $300.00

o    Triple (3) Occupancy       - $350.00

o    Double (2) Occupancy    - $400.00

o    Single (1) Occupancy      - $550.00

Registration Deadline = February 28, 2022


Step 1

Read the DCON 2022 Registration Packet Section I – Registration and General Information

The Convention Registration & General Information Packet can be accessed and downloaded by clicking HERE. It is very important that you read through this packet for it is the main source of information and forms pertaining to DCON registration. 

Screenshot 2021-12-23 234702.png

Step 2

Download and complete the Registration Spreadsheet

You will need to gather the following information for each person attending DCON. 


  1. Name

  2. Dietary/Allergy information

  3. T-shirt size

  4. Whether this is the students first District Convention

  5. If they are a senior, and

  6. If they are running for a District Office or International Endorsement

Screenshot 2021-12-24 000536.png

Kiwanis International policy requires ALL adults who are not faculty members to have a current, clean Kiwanis International background screen on file. If you have parents, guardians or Kiwanians serving as chaperones, they will need to complete this background screen. To prevent delays, please email KeyClubConvention@SWDKiwanis.org with the names and email addresses of    any non-faculty chaperones.

Step 3

Gather the Required Forms

There are a number of forms that must be brought with you to DCON. Some forms are completed by the Club, some by attending students, and one by attending adults. The required forms are:

  1. Event Code of Conduct (Student)

  2. Medical Form (Student)

  3. Photo Release (Student)

  4. Statement of Assurances (adults)

  5. COVID Release (All)


The Required Forms can be found online by clicking HERE

Screenshot 2021-12-24 010332.png




If you have questions that are not answered in the DCON 2022 Registration Packet Section I – Registration and Forms please contact District Events Chair, Cody Cragun, at KeyClubDCONChair@swdkiwanis.org or contact KeyClubConvention@SWDKiwanis.org